About Us

The founder and owner of Superior Dent Works, Tony Meadows began working in PDR in 1996. He has worked at the highest level body shops and high line dealerships in the country. Other company have sought him out for years to join them.

After working along side many great technicians over the years Tony and his staff recognized that some technicians produce much higher quality work and in less time than others.

That’s when we started assembling our team of Technicians – some of the best in the country! Since then, we have trained several new technicians on the techniques of these top craftsmen. Today, we proudly house 10 of the top PDR technicians in the nation. That’s enough technicians, at their level, to handle several dealer lots body shops and retail locations at any given time. Most companies call from a list of technicians who they contract temporary and are not invested in the companies they represent.

Superior Dent Works has been on the catastrophic teams of many major insurance company’s and has facilitated the process from beginning to end. Along with the quality and knowledge we have comprised an un matched business model that has eliminated the middle man, and passed the savings directly to our customers.

We are proud that you choose us and look foreword to growing our company to serve many more.